We’ve Hit the 50% Mark!  On our social media pages, we put out a request this past month what we were asking prayer for. We said that we were at 45% of our needed support, and we were praying that by the end of February we would hit the 50% mark. The Lord answered our prayers in a magnificent way that only He can!

This  month,  we  added 3  new ministry partners!  Aurora Baptist Temple in Aurora, MO, New Fellowship Baptist in Titusville, FL, and Grace  Baptist  Temple in  San  Antonio, TX, have all joined us in reaching Thailand for Christ! We are so grateful for our new ministry partners, but we also want to say thank you to those who continue to support us while being on deputation.

Special Projects:  Since we’ve hit the 50% mark, we wanted to start bringing to you some of the special projects that we will have once moving to Thailand. These are one-time projects to either move or set up in Thailand. We have already begun to save (and will continue to do so), and others have already started donating to these needs. We know that the Lord has a plan to fulfill these needs, and we ask that you pray how you might be involved. (See below)

Prayer Requests 

· Continue to pray for good health for Becka and baby Henry as we travel.

· Pray that our calendar would continue to fill up for 2019. 

Where We Will Be 

Texas, Missouri, Ohio and Peru 

Thank you for joining us in prayer and support in bringing hope to the hopeless in Thailand.


Trills Projects.png

Remarks From The Pastor - March 17, 2019

Welcome to Temple Baptist Church.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Good morning, dear TBC family and friends. I pray that you will experience a Christian welcome here.

Last week we looked at Matthew 5:13, “Ye are the salt of the earth:” We learned that salt prevents decay, it can sting and it creates thirst. From this we can see that God has an immune system in society; it’s called the church. We, the church, are the ones God has placed in history to act as His divine repellent against the effects of sin and unrighteousness in the world. Our job as a church is not to impact the church. Our job is to impact the world!

Secondly, salt gives flavor to life. We Christians are God’s seasoning to the world. There are some experiences of life that really don’t taste good. But the addition of a little salt (some Christian kindness) can make such a difference!

Thirdly, we learned that salt makes people thirsty. Our job as Christians is to create thirst in an unrighteous world so we can turn around and offer them THE LIVING WATER that will quench their thirst.

In today’s sermon we will look at Matthew 5:14-16 and see that Christians are also to be the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Light makes darkness flee, it exposes flaws and imperfections. Light helps you follow the right path and brings hope and security.

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The Results Are In!

Last month we shared with you that we had a goal to reach 50 percent of our needed support by January 31. We have been busy communicating with potential donors and making all of the  final touches  to our  spreadsheets. Everything has been calculated and the results are in! Thanks to all of our generous supporters who have been giving so faithfully, THE GOAL HAS BEEN REACHED! What an amazing blessing it is to be able to say that this ministry is 50 percent funded after just over a year of deputation! I hope you will take some time, as you read this news, to stop and praise God for His provision. And we definitely cannot forget those who are continuing to make sacrifices to support this ministry every month. We praise God for you. Thank you for trusting in God with us, and thank you for investing in us to do the work that God has given us in Japan!

Remember, it is not too late to join in. We are looking forward to a fruitful year. We have already been hard at work, networking and presenting the ministry in several churches in Florida and  will  continue on  over  the  next  couple  of  months  in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. If you have not had the opportunity to join in, now is your time. We want to extend  this  opportunity  to  you, to be a part of the Gospel ministry in Japan. Your prayers, one time donations, and monthly financial support make it possible to bring the hope of the Gospel to a people who presently do not know true hope because they have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you partner with us?

Pray With Us

We want you to be able to pray intelligently with us. Here are some things that we are currently praying for:

· That God would soften the hearts of those in Japan who we will share the Gospel with, that they would be receptive to the Gospel, receive the grace of God and call upon the name of the Lord for salvation.

· That God will lead and equip us to lead our children to be obedient to God, charitable to others, and patient in the midst of trial.

· That our love for the Lord and His holy Word would grow more and more each and every day.

· That we would have many opportunities to share the greatest news in the world, everyday.

· That we would be bold to speak of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, never ashamed to proclaim His name even in the hardest of circumstances.

· That God would provide many more appointments, so that we can share this ministry with people and gain lasting and faithful partners in prayer and financial support.

· That we will have the necessary training, skills and abilities to learn Japanese quickly.




The Sherrills

Chris, Miranda, Harlan and Benjamin

Remarks From the Pastor - March 10, 2019

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Good Morning Church Members & Guests,

Good morning church!  We welcome all our visiting guests today and trust you will sense a Christian atmosphere and the presence of the Lord here.  This year is starting out as a true blessing in our church and school.  Although we are still in the first quarter, we have had a wonderful Winter Missions Conference followed by a spirit-moving revival.  We will be adding two new missionary works to support soon!   Many of our young people are desiring to walk with God and serve Him.  The moving of God fell on our new monthly Men’s Prayer Breakfast last Saturday.  The men are looking forward to the next prayer meeting, held on the second Saturday of every month at 8 am, for breakfast, fellowship and purposeful prayer.  The widowers (men) in our church have an Eco boat cruise and lunch this month on Saturday the 16th.   A men’s fellowship dinner is scheduled for March 18th.  There is plenty for the ladies in the days ahead, too. The next Encouragers (a widows group that meets for lunch, encouragement, fellowship and prayer) and Ladies Bible Study meeting dates will be announced soon.  Our Wednesday night teens are having great meetings and are looking forward to summer camp.  Several of our grades are already full for the next school year!  I could go on and on to the glory of our Lord!  As a church body, let us draw close to God and, as He has promised, He will draw close to us.    Remember to share Jesus with someone this coming week.

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The Orricks

Richie, Missy, Briton, & Isabella Orrick

“Winning the Welsh For Christ”

Praise Report

We  began  this past  month with our first church-wide activity. In honor of the Super Bowl weekend, we had our very own version of “Super Bowling.”  The  activity was  well attended,  and the people really enjoyed spending time with one another outside the church walls.

Speaking of “firsts,” we also kicked off our first church-wide campaign the weekend of Valentines Day. The theme is “I Love My Church,” and the focus is on faithfulness. This campaign will conclude on Sunday, March 10, with a cook out celebration. Please pray for this event as we  are encouraging everyone to be faithful in church attendance, Bible study, prayer and witnessing.

Staying with the theme of “firsts,” we will be having our first missions team coming to visit. Our sending church, Cherry Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri was planning to take a trip to another country, and the plans did not work out. They contacted us to see if they could come to Wales instead. They arrive March 8, and we will be having a community outreach event that Saturday, special services on Sunday, work projects around the church building, canvassing, school assemblies, as well as taking in the wonderful sites of Wales. Please pray for this trip, that God would use it in a powerful way to reach more souls in Wales, as well as speak to the hearts of anyone considering serving on a foreign field as a missionary.

Some last bits of exciting news, Tracy, Amy, Chris and Steph have all decided  to  take their first step of obedience as believers and will follow the Lord in baptism on Sunday, March 10, which is when the group will be with us. Also, Briton and Bella have been working hard on their Jujitsu and are now officially green belts.

 Prayer Requests 

Please continue to pray for Melody’s salvation. Please also pray for us as we disciple the new believers, as well as many of those who were already saved. The church is growing both numerically and spiritually, but not without its ups and downs. Please pray for  the spiritual  welfare that  often  comes with the spiritual victories.

orricks2wales@gmail.com   www.orricks2wales.com


Remarks From the Pastor - March 3, 2019

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Good Morning Church Members & Guests,

Good morning and welcome to Temple Baptist Church.  What an awesome month of February we had!  We enjoyed and were challenged by several missionaries from around the globe.  As it looks right now, we are considering supporting the Micah Lalman family, who will be going to China.  Micah is an American who grew up in China with his parents who were missionaries there.  What a joy to have the Salmons with us from Thailand.  They have faithfully served there for over 27 years!  They will be going back to Thailand very soon, so be sure to say good bye to them. 

The last week of February was the Revival  God used Pastor Randy Brown and singer Jonathan White in a lot of ways.  The morning services with our TCS students were a blessing to them.  Over 50 students, sixth grade through twelfth, made conscious decisions to draw closer to God and serve Him.  Some students are considering becoming missionaries.  Last week, over 200 PrimeTimers received a blessing hearing Jonathan White’s songs and being encouraged by hearing Pastor Brown’s challenging messages from the Word of God.  The evening Revival services seemed to grow each night!  What was it that God challenged you with during the revival meetings?  Hold fast to those challenges and move on them.  To God be the Glory, great things He desires to do in and through all of us if we will yield to Him. 

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Dear Friends and Supporters, I am in the process of memorizing Psalm 63. Here are a few verses:  “O God, You are my God; Early I will seek you. My soul thirsts  for you in a  dry and thirsty  land  where  there  is no  water. Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live.”   This is our deepest desire! We want to praise God as long as we live. We praise God for all He is doing in Europe. Here are some recent reports. 

From Czech Republic, Honza & Elyse Halik: We are rejoicing that through music concerts, outreaches and clubs many people heard the Gospel at Christmas time. February brings two Winter Camp weekends as well as the finalization court for Samuel’s adoption on the 25th. March will bring a special conference for young adults. Thank you for your prayers. 

From Hungary, Gabor & Tundi Cslkos:  We were blessed to partner with Joni & Friends in our missions conference to raise support for our Special Needs Ministry. February will bring 121 teens to our winter camps in the castle at Toalmas. We are thankful for the renovations of the pavilions to house them. Thank you for your prayers.

 From Ukraine, Matlas & Ira Radziwiluk:  We are praising God for our new building,  enabling  us to  better train  our students  and reach out to our country. We are pleased to report 1,066 Gospel conversations and 7 salvation decisions  in  27  open  air trips; 421 Gospel conversations and 7 salvation decisions during 10 drama shows in schools; 92 Gospel conversations with 307 children at 6 game fairs; 324 salvations among 1,940 campers during 17 weeks of camp. We hosted 300 guests at 3 conferences, and 37 young people graduated from Bible Institute. 

From Romania, Mihai & Ana Laura Bucur:  As a result of Sam Frey’s OpenAir Evangelism training in the fall, 60 people (including 40 youth) are equipped to reach out and share the Gospel. Of the 120 young people who attended our youth conference, 32 dedicated their lives to serve the Lord, and 3 professed salvation.

The Bible Clubs in local churches are growing, and as a result 16 teams competed in the annual Bible Quiz on January 16th. This is a great tool for discipleship and spiritual growth. 

From France, Miguel & Debbie Mendoza: We are pleased to report that 1,522 teens were involved in 16 events. As a result, 189 young people dedicated their lives to serve the Lord, and 92 confessed Jesus as their Savior. We are thankful for 155 volunteers and 15 visiting missionaries.


Bob and Mary Anne Parschauer

Remarks From The Pastor - February 24, 2019

Welcome to Temple Baptist Church.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Today is the beginning of a four day revival – four days of coming together as a church to every meeting for the purpose of a personal spiritual renewal and reawakening to the will of God. Revival brings about a spirit of humility and a desire for repentance and spiritual growth. I am asking God to invigorate and deepen my faith. We all need to pray that God will help us with a fresh start, a clean slate, giving us a sense of a new beginning of living our lives in obedience to Him. We need to ask God to break the charm and power of Satan and the world and give us the power and will to live in the world but not be of the world. Colossians 3:2 says, “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” The evidence of revival is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon believers and changed lives. Let us pray that we as a church will move towards righteousness and evangelism; that we as a church are once again spending time in prayer and reading and obeying God’s Word. Let us pray that we as a church will begin to powerfully use our spiritual gifts. Let us all pray that there will be confession of sin and repentance. Psalm 51:10 says, “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” Revival will start by you committing to attend every meeting through Wednesday night.

Porter Signature.png


Keeping Siblings Together

One of the greatest blessings of Hope is allowing siblings to be raised together in a safe, loving environment. This is certainly the case for  siblings Cindy, Adalid, and Mateo. Cindy was being raised by her grandmother with an abusive grandfather. Her mother was prostituting herself and could not even write her own name.

Through connections from the church, Cindy was placed in the home in September of 2014 at the age of 4.  She began learning to read and write, not only in Spanish, but also in English. More importantly, in January 2016, Cindy trusted Christ as her Savior!

Shortly after, word came that Cindy's 2-year-old brother, Adalid, was very sick with pneumonia.  With the help of Hope, Adalid's health was restored. It was also discovered that their living conditions and family situation were so bad that it would be unsafe for he and their 5-month-old brother to remain in their home. The mom and grandma  chose to place both boys at Hope and Cindy, who had been praying hard for both of her brothers was so excited. 

Now, Cindy is 9 years old, Adalid is 5, and Mateo is about to turn 3! Cindy is bilingual and excelling in the 2nd grade.  She loves to help around the house and play with her brothers. Adalid is a very active boy and loves to play with trucks and have silly conversations with the other boys his age. Mateo loves to sit and cuddle, but he also loves to go outside and cover himself with dirt. He is ALL boy and, it is amazing to see him grow and discover the world.

The purpose of Hope is to to rescue children from desperate situations, share Christ with them and raise them up to  influence  their  peers  and the next generation. Cindy, Adalid, and Mateo have an amazing testimony of Christ's love  that they can share with others in the same situation that they came from. Also, as new children come into the home, scared and sad, they can help them see that everything will be ok because they also felt that way once. Every dollar donated to Hope plays a huge part in changing the lives of these children. Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless as more children come into the home in the near future, and consider donating and taking part in what God is doing through Hope Children's  Home-Honduras.

New Year’s Resolutions

Bella, 7 years old: “I want to stop doing chores and learn how to plant a garden.”

Theo, 5: “I want to learn how to handglide.”

Abby, 7 : “I want to try deer meat and learn my times tables.”

Jaden, 10: “I want to read the book of Jonah and try sushi.”

Ty, 15: “I want to stop arguing with the little kids and encourage and lift up my classmates.”

Charisma, 15: “I want to work out, eat healthy, and learn sign language.”

Angelica, 16: “I want to stop being a procrastinator, and I want to learn how to cook.”


MISSIONS MOMENT - Corey & Jessica Kershner - TAIWAN


The beginning of the year brings many people hope as they consider what  potential lies  before them  in the coming year.   People  look behind and review, while others look forward and set new goals for the  coming year.  We are  excited  to  end  2018  on  a high note in Xinzhuang as the church officially organizes as Hope Baptist Church.  God is blessing with now 18 members and 2 new ones planning to join through baptism in the coming weeks.

We have also started the new year off with a series entitled “New.” Corey has continued expanding his mandarin ability and has helped preach several topics in all Chinese on Sunday mornings. We praise God  for  giving  us the  wisdom  and  ability to learn such a difficult language. Please continue to pray with us as both Jessica and Corey continue in language training.

Taiwan begins their lunar new year on February 5th, and this gives us an opportunity to talk to many during our February Community Project about the incredible connection between the Chinese traditional new year’s greeting and the story of the Passover from Exodus. We have prepared several booklets that outline the story and give a clear gospel message. Please pray for the people of Taiwan that their eyes would be opened to find the hope of Jesus this new year!



God continues to give our family opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, and connect new families to the message of Christ. Recently,  God  has brought our daughter two new friends and our family  another opportunity  to  share  the  gospel.  Sometimes as a foreigner  who speaks little Chinese, our daughter has a hard time making lasting friendships, so we thank God for this double blessing!  Please pray for Maggie, Ray-Ray, and the Li family to know Jesus as Lord.